Helpie FAQ – Group Sample

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  • Who Do I contact For Questions?

    Your first point of contact is the company that sold or installed your SoftSure softener. You can also send us an e-mail with your question

  • What is included in the 2 year warranty?

    The warranty for the installation itself is the responsibility of your supplier. Spare parts or other defects are covered by the 2-year warranty. When this warranty has passed, it is still possible to obtain replacement parts. Contact your dealer or

  • How do I maintain my water softener?

    Use a resin cleaner every 3 months to prevent buildup in your water softener. Clean the brine tank every year and check for leaks. Regularly test the hardness of your water.

    Remember to stock up on salt in time.

  • What additional options do other providers offer?

    The biggest difference between our water softeners and others is the extra features they offer. These features typically include a chlorine module (replace every 1-2 years). A mobile app with an alert when salt needs to be added. Water softeners without electricity. These options often offer small benefits for a large price increase.

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